What is Matrescence and why does every Mother need to know about it?


I was so excited and motherhood came quite naturally to me. What I didn’t think about or envision was the profound effect it had on almost every aspect of my life. When a friend of mine told me about matrescene I had already been through a journey of re- defining who I was now.

Flexibility- is it the key to success for working parents?

flexible working

flexibility is essential for working parents. Pick ups/ drop offs, appointments for you, appointments for your children, there are so many things needed to squeeze into a week and if you don’t have flexible work arrangements it can make it so hard. It’s still a big learning curve for many, but flexibility is the future of working and the more we can implement this, the more parents can return to the workforce and it’s essentially a win win for everyone.

Redefining Parental Support: Navigating the Transition Back to Work After Parenthood

parents returning to work

Welcoming a new member into the family undoubtedly reshapes our lives, especially for parents who still want to have a career. The transition back to work after becoming parents is often challenging, as it requires reevaluating priorities, adapting to new routines, and finding a balance between professional and personal responsibilities

The one thing I am thanking my dad for big time.

Family pic

My point to this is this. Did we all marry similar hands-on men out of pure coincidence, or did we marry men like that because that’s what we were raised to believe is normal?

I hope the latter….

What are you passing onto your children? 5 things you should be aware of…

What are you passing onto your children?

How often do you think about what it is that you are passing on to your own Children? Do you ever reflect on how you were raised and think, I want to do that differently? It’s great to make changes and evolve as society does, but being consciously aware of how we change those behaviours isn’t as easy as we think.

6 ways to improve your self-image as a mother:

positive self image

Self Image isn’t just about Physical appearance, think about how confident you are in yourself? Do you feel positive, capable and determined in life? Cultivating a positive self image can make or break you as a woman, so what can we do to improve it?

The importance of flexible working for men.

working dad, flexible working

There is a pervasive stereotype that flexibility is primarily aimed at women, particularly working mothers, as they are seen as the primary caregivers for their children. This is a stereotype that needs to be challenged and ultimately eliminated, as we modernise the way we live and work, men and woman are wanting to become much more equal.

Why parents are perfect problem solvers

Problem solving

When I reflect on my life, there are some really amazing stand out moments where I have problem solved something under pressure. NOTHING compares to the problems you solve as a parent.

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