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To all the Dads out there doing an incredible job, this book is for you. This book is here to acknowledge the challenges faced by Dads and balancing careers along with being a present, involved parent.

“Working Dads and Balancing Acts” is a celebration to the societal shift that is currently happening and Dads wants and needs to be flexible to allow them to navigate the balance of working and spending quality time with family. This collection of 20 thought provoking chapters takes readers on an incredible journey of the realities Dads face, the challenges they have to overcome and the complexities involved in challenging the status Quo and working for organisations that encourage Dads to be empowered parents. The Chapters offer stories from Dads who have been present, ones that wish they had been around more, CEO’s that are making incredible changes across organisations, Psychologists that focus on fatherhood and everything in between.

This book serves as a unique perspective, providing honest conversations about the challenges that Dads face. Often undervalued, Dads go through a huge transition when they step into fatherhood and this book is a stark reminder of the journeys dads go on.

Complete with transformative worksheets, ‘Working Dads and Balancing Acts’ empowers you to take control of your life, and create the balance that works for your career and your family.

Featuring Authors:

Peter Clark, Adrien Engel, David Taylor, Dr Jason Frishman, Brad Raynor, Charlie Maughan, Rhys Maconachie, Peter Bennet, Chris Lloyd, Dr Rob Scott, George Rologas, John Park, Thomas Batchelor, Douglas Veal, Rolfe Pike, Rowyn Bartlett, Barry Mone, Sam Hill, Stan Rolf, Joe Bovell.

About the Author:

Sarah Maconachie is the founder and CEO of her business, Work Hard Parent Hard. With three young children in tow, Sarah helps parents around the world redefine their purpose, better understand themselves (and their children), and create a life they love. Sarah is living her best life, and encourages other parents to transform their lives to do the same.

If you enjoyed this book, check out Sarah’s other book, ‘Working Mothers Inspiring Others’ where 18 inspiring mothers share their stories too.

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