Flexibility- is it the key to success for working parents?

flexible working

flexibility is essential for working parents. Pick ups/ drop offs, appointments for you, appointments for your children, there are so many things needed to squeeze into a week and if you don’t have flexible work arrangements it can make it so hard. It’s still a big learning curve for many, but flexibility is the future of working and the more we can implement this, the more parents can return to the workforce and it’s essentially a win win for everyone.

The one thing I am thanking my dad for big time.

Family pic

My point to this is this. Did we all marry similar hands-on men out of pure coincidence, or did we marry men like that because that’s what we were raised to believe is normal?

I hope the latter….

Why parents are perfect problem solvers

Problem solving

When I reflect on my life, there are some really amazing stand out moments where I have problem solved something under pressure. NOTHING compares to the problems you solve as a parent.

Gender Equality- It’s not just about women.

gender equity

When it comes to gender equality there is a lot of support for women. How women can increase their confidence, what we need for women in the workplace to thrive and enable flexibility etc. I am a HUGE advocate for all of this. As a working mum of 3 young children, if I didn’t have the flexibility I have at work there is just no way I could make it work.
But what can Men do to help support this further, and assist with bridging the gap?

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