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Sarah is a Mindset Consultant that helps parents to redefine their purpose, understand themselves and create a life they love.

I help parents to elevate their work/life experience and become an inspiration to your children

Are you a working parent who’s striving to achieve your goals and find your true passion in life, but struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

I’m here to help you achieve just that!

As a happy and fulfilled parent, you’ll not only create a life you love, but also become the best influence for your children.

You’ll start to understand yourself and your children on a whole new level and become the role model they deserve. So, if you’re ready to step up and make a positive change in your life, let me show you how.

With my help, you can be happy, healthy, and wealthy while still raising a family.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life for the better! 

My mission is to help Working Parents to achieve their goals, become more successful and find their true passion in life.


Are you ready to Elevate your life?

sarah maconachie

Having children is undoubtedly one of the most life-changing experiences one can have. It’s a beautiful journey filled with love, joy, and purpose, but at the same time, it can be overwhelming and challenging. 

One of the biggest changes that occur after having children is that our priorities shift. Suddenly, our own needs and wants take a back seat, and our children’s needs become our top priority.

Before children, we had the luxury of living a carefree life, where we could do what we wanted when we wanted. We had the freedom to pursue our interests and passions without any real commitments. 

However, after having children, everything changes. We are responsible for nurturing and raising our little ones, and that requires a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice. It’s a process that demands us to change, adapt, and grow.

This e-book “Parents- How to understand yourself and your children better” is a valuable guide that takes you on a journey of understanding yourself, defining your purpose and how you can implement changes to create the life you want. It’s a must-read for any parent or expecting parent to build a life of happiness and balance. When you are happy and thriving, your children will too. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download my free e-book today and start your journey towards becoming a confident, fulfilled parent.

As a working parent, I know firsthand the guilt and stress that can come with trying to balance work and family life.

It’s a never-ending juggling act that often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and like we’re not doing either role justice. The truth is work-life balance is complex, and the guilt that comes with it is real.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of my two books for Working Parents, “Working Mothers, Inspiring Others” and “Working Dads and Balancing Acts”.

These books are not just another set of parenting books but an essential guide to help working parents navigate the complexities of their personal and professional lives, and overcome the guilt that comes with it.

These books will provide practical strategies, tips, and insights to help you overcome the feelings of guilt so you can thrive as a working parent. These books share co Authors challenges to being a working parent, but also the solutions that they found to create the balance they needed and make it work for them. 

If you’re tired of feeling guilty and overwhelmed, join our waitlist now and be the first to know when these two books officially launch in early 2024.

I am so excited to share some incredible news with all of you! 

I’m been honoured to be a feature in Yasmin Walter’s enlightening new book, “Curiosity Killed the 9-5.”

In the book, I open up about the myriad of emotions I grappled with when I toyed with the idea of starting my own business. 

The looming fear of failure, the overwhelming unknowns, and the internal battles of taking that monumental first step are all laid out.

But as the story progresses, you’ll read about a transformative chapter in my life: my move to Perth and embarking on a mindset journey like no other.  

This transition marked a pivotal moment where I wholeheartedly embraced my passions, bolstered my confidence, and began to shape my entrepreneurial aspirations.

“Curiosity Killed the 9-5” is more than just a book; it’s a reflection of the spirit of every woman who has dared to dream, confront her fears, and conquered her unique course in business. I invite you to delve into my story, alongside the narratives of many inspiring female founders, and draw motivation from our shared journeys and insights.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share a piece of my heart and entrepreneurial spirit with all of you.

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