Hi… I’m Sarah Maconachie

I am a very proud working mum of 3 young Children, Sofia (4) and Twins Sebastian and Lola (2). My Husband and I live in Perth, Western Australia with our wonderful little family. 

When I had the Twins and after 12 (long) months at home I felt completely lost. I didn’t feel like I could cope with working and looking after 3 children as well as all the households jobs, I lost of confidence my self esteem and I felt like a different person. 

I went on an incredible mindset journey and it completely changed my life. It took time and it took some hard work, but I found my
drive, motivation and most importantly my purpose. I felt like I found a piece
of myself that had been missing since I had children and I could see hints of
the former me. With time I grew to accept and love the “new me” Still the driven, ambitious person I always was, but now one with 3 children in tow. I have realised there is a way to make it work. I have minimal guilt, Yes, I would love to do more work at times, but the gratitude I have for being with my children for that day, overrides that, and I accept that this period of my life requires a juggle and some patience towards my job and my children.

I write about Mindset, Parenting and Gender Equity with a number of publications, I have been nominated for consultancy of the year, a freedom award and I have been named as a “Global Game Changer” with Passion Vista. 

I have also written 2 books. “Working Mothers, inspiring others” and “Working Dads and Balancing Acts” You can click under the “books” tab to find out more. 

I feel so lucky to be on the journey I have been on, and love that I can help other parents to create the lives they want to live as well. Not only does it completely transform your life, it also transforms the lives of those around you- including your partner and childrenl

Finding out out it's twins

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