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Family friendly workplaces supporting parents to thrive.

Support your working parents

My workshops and coaching supports parents and leaders to create an environment where parents can thrive and leaders are leading the way! Recent results from Family friendly workplaces report parents feeling stressed, mentally exhausted and feeling like they have no energy for their children after a hard day’s work. A third of working parents are looking for a new job that provides more flexibility and support- something needs to shift.

My workshops support working parents to perform at their best. The insights and strategies I share will result in higher staff engagement, improved productivity and higher staff retention. These sessions provide practical steps for creating an inclusive work environment where mums and dads thrive.

Who’s this for?

My workshops and coaching sessions are for parents and leaders who acknowledge the juggle that parents face. I help organisations create a workplace culture that values gender balance by supporting all parents, mums and dads, equally and provides support that goes beyond policy changes. My workshops for working mums and dads establish lasting change and set them up for success in the workplace. My workshops with leaders provide a consistent, inclusive approach to supporting parents across an organisation by removing stereotypes and biases that are getting in the way!

What your organisation will achieve:

Benefit #1

Become an employer of choice with an inclusive, supportive culture.

Benefit #2

Improve staff engagement and maintain top talent.

Benefit #3

Achieve increased productivity with happy staff.

Benefit #4

Promote gender equality by supporting mums and dads.

Benefit #5

Enhance workplace wellbeing and psychological safety with happier employees.

Benefit #6

Build a confident and resilient workforce.


Corporate workshops
to support parents

There are two types of workshops I run. 

The workshops for working parents help them identify their purpose, what they want and need to thrive as a working parent and how they can effectively juggle children and their career. We look at how to work smarter and shift some of our ways of working to adapt to life as a working parent.

The second workshop I run is to support leaders in creating a uniformed approach to flexible working and parental support. We work together to identify a company vision to ensure that all leaders take a unified approach. 

2-3 hours

For Leaders

  • Identifying company desire and vision
  • Individual work to identify limitations, bias and stereotypes
  • Guidance for creating a uniformed approach to flexible working and parental support policies
  • Practical strategies to implement change

For parents

  • Identifying their purpose, what they want and need. 
  • Strategies for working smarter to successfully manage juggling children and work
  • Learn tools to effectively communicate needs and wants in the workplace and at home.
  • Become an employer of choice with an inclusive, supportive workplace 
  • Improve staff engagement and maintain top talent
  • Achieve huge increases in productivity
  • Promote gender equality by supporting mums and dads
  • Enhance workplace wellbeing with happier employees
  • Build confidence and resilience
  • Support working parents to achieve a life of balance

$1995- $2495 for 2- 3 hours.

The Modern
Working Parent

Creating balance that works for YOU. 

This program is for working parents. It is designed to help you explore your mindset and how it impacts you AND your children,  unlock your purpose, reignite your passions, and feel in control of your life. It helps parents to define what they want and need, work smarter, increase confidence and take control of their lives. This program is perfect for anyone returning to work, that is new to parenthood, or for any parent that has ambitious career goals but feels overwhelmed by the juggle of their career and the implications this can have as a parent. 

  • 10 online modules with video, written content and worksheets
  • Fortnightly, online, group coaching with Sarah 
  • Access to a group message for the duration of the program for support any time and to connect with like minded parents! 
  • Support working parents to achieve a life of balance
  • Develop happier employees with the skills to identify and communicate their needs
  • Improve staff engagement and retention rate
  • Achieve greater productivity with enhanced workplace wellbeing
  • Build confidence and resilience in employees


Why choose me?

Corporate Experience.

I have a background in psychology and over 3 years of coaching experience in corporate organisations.

Lived Experience.

I have implemented what I teach into my own life and know first hand how incredible it is.

A Working Parent.

I’m balancing life with three young children, running a business, managing a household and just casually writing two books. I understand the challenges firsthand- believe me I’m in it.

Become a confident, fulfilled parent

Understand yourself, define your purpose and learn how you can implement changes to create the life you really want with my e-book, Parents – how to understand yourself and your children better.

What they say about Sarah

Frequently Asked Questions

My programs are beneficial for any organisation that employs working parents, regardless of industry. This includes corporate offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and more. Any company that values employee wellbeing, productivity and retention will find value in my workshops and programs.

My workshops and programs equip working parents with tools and strategies to manage their dual roles more effectively, reducing stress and improving their work-life balance. Happier, more balanced employees are more engaged, productive and loyal. Additionally, supporting parents through flexible policies and a unified approach fosters an inclusive workplace culture, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention.

For the corporate workshops, the time commitment is 2-3 hours, making it a manageable addition to your team’s schedule. For The Modern Working Parent program, the commitment is spread over 20 weeks, with participants engaging in 10 online modules and fortnightly group coaching sessions. This structure allows employees to integrate the program into their routines without significant disruption to their work responsibilities.

Organisations can expect several positive outcomes, including improved employee wellbeing and job satisfaction, enhanced productivity, better retention rates, and a stronger, more inclusive company culture. My programs also help promote gender equality by supporting both working mothers and fathers, leading to a more diverse and balanced workplace.

Investing in my programs can yield substantial returns in terms of employee productivity, engagement and retention. The cost of the corporate workshops ($1995-$2495) and The Modern Working Parent program ($2495) is a small cost investment for the significant improvements in employee wellbeing, reduced turnover, and enhanced workplace morale. Additionally, companies that support their working parents often become employers of choice, attracting top talent and reducing recruitment costs.

Participants in The Modern Working Parent program have access to a group chat for the duration of the program, allowing them to seek support and connect with like-minded parents anytime. This ongoing support helps reinforce the program’s teachings and provides a sense of community and accountability, enhancing the overall impact.

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