My 5 favourite Aussie Insta mums.

Best Instagram mums to follow

Most of us follow other mums, influencers, celebs etc on social media. And sometimes they may not realise how inspirational it is to see mums that are doing incredible things alongside the huge role of motherhood. The 5 that I am going to list below are mothers that have, in one way or another really inspired me and helped me on my own journey as a mother of 3.

Laura Bryne AKA @Ladyandacat.

Is Firstly really bloody funny, I am a little sad that I no longer live in Sydney as I feel we could be friends. Laura started her influencing journey on the bachelor when her and Matty J got together and lived happily ever after. They now have 2 super cute daughters Marlie- May and Lola who look a little wild and very similar to my own girls. Laura not only has an amazing jewellery label- Tonimay, she also has a podcast with Brittany Hockley- Life uncut which has created an incredible community and a podcasts that cover all spectrums of life.  She co-hosts a new radio show and co-authored a book- “we love love” which I also totally Love. Laura has been very open and honest about a couple of miscarriages that she has experienced, and I love that she shared that with her followers. Miscarriage is such a common occurrence amongst women and is not given the voice it needs sometimes. I remember Laura saying that she went in to record a podcast during one of them and I take my hat off to her. Anyone that is going through something like that needs to be a really strong person to carry on as normal that day, and her strength and honesty about how she felt and dealt with that time in her life is such an inspiration to others.

Ellidy Pullin AKA @ellidy_

When I first saw Ellidys story I immediately needed to know more. I googled her, watched her documentary and got fully immersed in her incredible journey. Ellidy, the fiancé of Australian professional snowboarder, Alex Pullin (chumpy) now has a beautiful little girl called Minnie Pullin. Ellidy and Alex had been trying for a baby for some time when he tragically lost his life spearfishing. Amongst all that was going on once Ellidy and Chumpys friends and family found out about his death, Ellidy was told about the ability to remove Chumpy’s sperm in order to have the option to still have his child (WOW). I had never heard of this or would have through it was possible, and well, long story short, Ellidy went on the have his baby 15 months after his death. Now a single mum, I can’t help but think what a strong, inspirational women Ellidy is. A concept that so many people wouldn’t have known about, has become a journey like no other, and a message to anyone else that may be in a similar situation. Little Minnie is a true jet setter and is often travelling the world with Ellidy and friends living an incredible life and proving that being a single parent can be what you want to make of it.

Kate Darvill AKA @kate_darvill

Reading an article on Kate was a pivotal point in my life. I was in the depths of having twins and a toddler, I felt like I was totally consumed with being a mother and wasn’t sure how on earth I would ever be able to work properly again, and feel like “me”. Kate has 5 children. 2 sets of twins and another little girl and is Australian Vogues Senior fashion editor. I read an article in mamma mia about how Kate balances a career and motherhood and it was just what I needed at the time. If Kate can do it with 5 then I can most definitely do it with 3. It was just the determination I needed at the time, and I have read her articles over and over again. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I go back and read is again- you are my actual hero. One of the comments I frequently see from Kate when asked how she manages it all, is that you just Do! I couldn’t agree with this more. There are so many mothers out there completely overwhelmed it’s a great reminder that only you have the power to sink or swim and control your own mindset.

Bec Judd AKA @becjudd

Bec Judd, a mother of 4, 2 older, went for a third and surprise it’s twins! I remember seeing a picture of Bec lying on a sun lounger at 35 weeks saying “they can get out now” and that’s exactly how I felt at the exact same time. 35 weeks pregnant- you measure the equivalent of roughly 45 weeks with a single and I can confirm, the weight you’re carrying, the pain- it’s rough.

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I went back and read through all of Bec’s posts. Being overwhelmed with twins and unsure how I was ever going to carry 2 babies, Bec was my pregnancy inspo. She managed to carry them, deliver safely and then look amazing again after… I have GOT THIS! Also an amazing career driven woman, one of Bec’s many ventures was writing an incredible baby book “the baby bible”. I got this when I was pregnant with my first, and for some reason I was totally drawn to it. Maybe the world new that I was going to need some of the twin comments in there for future reference- as I did go back and read all the twin pages over and over again- us twin mums need as much prep as you can get. The thing that has really comforted me is Bec constantly saying how lucky she is to have twins. You really do feel that way once you’re in the multiple club, twins are the best thing you could ever have and it’s the best thing you can hear when you are pregnant and petrified!

Kyree Harvey AKA @misskyreeloves

Kyree is based here in Perth and the community she has created is the go-to for all things baby and children. With a huge list of discount codes when you’re getting anything, you always double check on Kyree’s list before you purchase in case you can get a discount. Now discounts aside (but they really are great) the community that Kyree has built is one for all mothers to go to with any questions concerns or advice, a safe space to communicate. Along with her social media, writing children’s books, building a house and doing photography, Kyree does all of this with a FIFO Husband and 3 children. That Is the true inspiration for me. Being able to fit all these projects in when you have full weeks looking after 3 children alone is honestly amazing and shows all the other mothers out their that have Husbands that work away or long hours that it can be done. Kyree is also honest when things are tough, and she just wants her husband home- a feeling I think every mother can relate too.

I would love to hear of any mothers that have inspired you along your journey. There are so many incredible mums that do exactly what the ladies above have achieved, but I think it’s so important to give credit when credit is due. We all need people that lift us up when we are down and that inspire us to grow and be better, so thanks to the ones I have listed in here for giving me what I needed during different times of this roller coaster ride of being a mother.

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