What is Matrescence and why does every Mother need to know about it?


I was so excited and motherhood came quite naturally to me. What I didn’t think about or envision was the profound effect it had on almost every aspect of my life. When a friend of mine told me about matrescene I had already been through a journey of re- defining who I was now.

6 ways to improve your self-image as a mother:

positive self image

Self Image isn’t just about Physical appearance, think about how confident you are in yourself? Do you feel positive, capable and determined in life? Cultivating a positive self image can make or break you as a woman, so what can we do to improve it?

Balancing Motherhood and Career: 5 Strategies for Success

balancing motherhood and working

If you have the right mindset and you have the right approach to it, you can absolutely balance being a mother and your career successfully. There are a few elements that must be in place though, and I’ll start with the most important at the top!

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