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To all the working mothers. This book is for you—an earnest acknowledgment of the unique challenges you face when re-entering the workforce after becoming a mother.

‘Working Mothers Inspiring Others’ is a celebration of the remarkable strength and resilience of mothers who gracefully navigate the complexities of parenting, career, and personal growth. This heartfelt collection of stories by 18 women takes readers on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and empowerment, inspiring them to craft lives they love, work on their terms, and chase their dreams. From lawyers or entrepreneurs, each chapter offers laughter, tears, and invaluable lessons.

This book serves as a call to action, encouraging all of us to shake up the status quo and foster open and honest conversations about the challenges and triumphs of being a working mother.

Complete with transformative worksheets, ‘Working Mothers Inspiring Others’ empowers you to take control of your destiny—both as a mother and an individual.

Featuring Authors:

Sarah Maconachie, Vicky Wren, Tracey Vermaak, Stacey Webb, Cheryl Edwardes , Tania Gomez, Sarah Coleman, Kerry McNamee, Carla Lombardo, Lisa Younger, Ashley McGrath, Nicola Veal, Leisa Van Geest, Fiona Yue, Kate O’Hara Sandra Morell, Alicia White, Michelle Travis

About the Author:

Sarah Maconachie is the founder and CEO of her business, Work Hard Parent Hard. With three young children in tow, Sarah helps parents around the world redefine their purpose, better understand themselves (and their children), and create a life they love. Sarah is living her best life, and encourages other parents to transform their lives to do the same.

If you enjoyed this book, check out Sarah’s other book, ‘Working Dads and Balancing Acts,’ where 20 incredible dads share their stories too.

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