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Hey working mums, this one’s for you! If you’ve ever felt you’re in a whirlwind of constant chaos, balancing a career and motherhood, this book is your lifeline.

“Working Mothers Inspiring Others” is a collective shoutout to all the fierce, unstoppable women who are rewriting the rules of what it means to be a working mother.

Why You CAN’T Miss This Book

This is a powerhouse compilation of strength, resilience, and raw honesty. With 18 awe-inspiring chapters, this book dives headfirst into the realities of juggling work, family, and personal growth. It’s a bold declaration that you can have it all, and it’s packed with the insights and strategies you need to thrive.

Meet the Contributors

From high-flying lawyers to trailblazing entrepreneurs, these women have faced it all and come out on top. They share their hard-earned wisdom and inspire you to create a life you love, on your own terms, without sacrifice.

Sarah Maconachie, Vicky Wren, Tracey Vermaak, Stacey Webb, Cheryl Edwardes, Tania Gomez, Sarah Coleman, Kerry McNamee, Carla Lombardo, Lisa Younger, Ashley McGrath, Nicola Veal, Leisa Van Geest, Fiona Yue, Kate O’Hara, Sandra Morell, Alicia White, Michelle Travis.

What You’ll Get

  • The stories you need to hear: Dive into the unfiltered, deeply moving, and inspiring stories from mums who’ve challenged the status quo and have mastered balance.
  • Wisdom from behind the curtain: Gain insights from top leaders and professionals who truly understand what it takes to shine both at work and at home.
  • Hands on, proven strategies: Equip yourself with powerful worksheets and actionable advice to take charge in your own career and house.
  • Empowerment to find your balance: This book is not about just getting through this time in life, it’s about flourishing and embracing your role as a powerhouse mum AND as a driven career woman.

About the Author

Sarah Maconachie walks the walk as the founder and CEO of Work Hard Parent Hard. Juggling three young kids and a thriving career, Sarah’s mission is to help parents everywhere redefine their purpose and kick ass at life. She’s the real deal, and her passion for empowering parents jumps off every page you read.

This Book Is a Must-Have

Ready to revolutionise your life? “Working Mothers Inspiring Others” is your blueprint for success. And while you’re at it, check out Sarah’s other incredible book, “Working Dads and Balancing Acts,” for even more jaw-dropping stories and strategies.

Grab your copy of “Working Mothers Inspiring Others” today and start dominating both motherhood and your career.


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